Tracing Dystopian Dialogues

Ines Lechleitner & Tuçe Erel, 2018
sound installation:
audio (27:09 min),
drawing “Woven Voices” (200 x 90 cm),
photograph “Triangular Dialogues” (40×40 cm),
three armchairs, text.


Ines Lechleitner, “Triangular Dialogues”, 2018, photograph, 40×40 cm.

The sound composition Tracing Dystopian Dialogues is collaboration between the artist Ines Lechleitner and the curator Tuçe Erel. It is based on interviews conducted in June, 2018 in Istanbul around the notion of dystopia and utopia.

During the interviews Lechleitner, who does not speak Turkish, created a visual code for each voice. Based on these recordings in Turkish, Lechleitner and Erel compose a sound work following the voice’s intonation, melody and its physical agency as well as its content.

The final piece reflects the subject matter not as a collection of stories but as fragmented flow of meaning and situations that cannot be patched together other than by their musical qualities and the composition itself.

During the talks, Lechleitner and Erel asked about the interview partners’ personal background, their relation to Istanbul and the neighborhood. After these introductory questions people explained what the concept of utopia or dystopia could mean to them personally and how it reflects on the urban scale. The piece plays with the negation of narration as an expression of self-censorship, a daily experience for many of the people interviewed.

The installation has different layers: Ines and Tuçe worked on the sound collage and conceptualized the installation together. Ines made the drawing based on the final sound composition and her color codes developed during the interviews in Istanbul. Her photograph shows the triangular dialogue situation in Istanbul. It serves as a reference point for the installation with the three armchairs facing the drawing. After the process of sound editing, Tuçe wrote a text about the work, the process and the content of the sound work.

“Tracing Dystopian Dialogues” is produced on behalf of DYSTOPIE – Sound Art Festival – Berlin/Istanbul. The sound work is co-produced by Ö1 Kunstradio and finalized in the Ö1  Funkhaus studios in Vienna. Thanks to Errant Sound and the DYSTOPIE Sound Art Festival team; Elisabeth Zimmerman, Anna Soucek, and Fridolin Stolz for Ö1 Kunstradio.